We have a network of over 535 EG and Caltex Woolworths locations nationally where the card can be used.

Please download the EG Club App to locate your nearest site or click here

It can take up to 5 working days to receive notification.

There are three requirements to apply for an EG Fuel Card:

  • An ABN and Business Name
  • Vehicle Registration Number and
  • Driver’s full name.

You can set up the EG Fuel Card to purchase:

  • Fuel and Oil Only and /or
  • In shop items

In addition, fuel type restrictions can be set specific to each EG Fuel Card providing total control over your EG Fuel Card spend.

PINs are mandatory for the EG Fuel Card, in addition transaction controls and limits can be applied to each EG Fuel Card or across your EG Fuel Card account.

Please discuss your specific requirements with our team.

Cards can be cancelled or replaced by logging into EG Fuel Card Online or by calling us on 1300 012 704. We are available 24/7, 365 days per year.

If you have forgotten your PIN, your PIN can be reset only through EG Fuel Card Online.

Your EG Fuel Card invoice will be sent to you based on your nominated preferences at the start of each month. Payment is due on the 19th of each month.

  • Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX – surcharges apply
  • EFT and Direct Debit.

Yes, surcharges apply to all credit card payments. EFT and direct debit are free of charge.

For a full list of fees, please see the EG Fuel Card fee schedule.

If you do not pay your invoice in full by the due date, we may charge you late payment fees.

If you cannot pay your invoice by the due date, please call us immediately on 1300 012 704.

For a full list of fees, please see the EG Fuel Card fee schedule.

Please ensure that you do not exceed your credit limit on your EG Fuel Card account.

We may charge you an over the limit and your EG Fuel Card account maybe suspended.

Please call us immediately on 1300 012 704.

For a full list of fees, please see the EG Fuel Card fee schedule.

EG Fuel Card Online is the easiest way to manage your EG Fuel Card account.

To access EG Fuel Card Online for the first time, please enter you username (your email address provided) and click reset your password.

You will receive an email on how to access your EG Fuel Card Online.

Otherwise please call us 1300 012 704.

Woolworths Rewards

To receive a 4cpl discount on your fuel simply spend $30 or more (excluding purchases of gift cards, lottery and smoking products) in one transaction at a participating Woolworths Supermarket or Metro and present your Woolworths Rewards Card or fuel discount receipt within 28 days from issue prior to paying for your fuel with your EG Fuel Card. Please note that the use of the Woolworths fuel discount receipt or Woolworths Rewards Card is subject to terms and conditions which are available here. These terms and conditions may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time.

Yes! it’s a great way to ensure that your drivers are maximising your discount opportunities.

Click here and search ‘Can I share the points I earn with friends and family?’

To order a card click here.

Then link your driver’s profile to your card.

Yes, as a Woolworths Rewards member you can earn a minimum of 1 Woolworths Rewards point for every $1 spent on fuel and eligible in-store purchases. For terms and conditions click here