Amplify 98 Premium Unleaded
For optimum engine performance

Amplify Premium 98 is the highest-octane rating premium unleaded petrol. Designed with the latest engine innovations in mind, it contains a technologically advanced additive package that will clean and protect your engine’s fuel system to help it perform at its very best.

Amplify 95 Premium Unleaded
Cleans and protects your engine.

Amplify Premium 95 includes Ampol’s unique advanced additive formulation with cleaning agent, friction reducer, and rust inhibitor, specifically designed to improve and maintain performance.

Ampol Unleaded Petrol

Designed for spark ignition engines and blended to meet the requirements of automotive engines fitted with catalytic converters designed to run on unleaded petrol.

Ampol E10 Unleaded

A high quality unleaded petrol that contains ethanol,  a colourless alcohol capable of being used as fuel and is considered to be renewable fuel when it’s produced/sourced from agricultural means.

Amplify Premium Diesel

A high-performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, advanced formulation keeps hardworking engines healthier for longer.